Multipurpose Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds have been used for many years to provide both privacy and prevent heat build up in a room. It is believed that Venetian blinds originated from Persia and became a popular window dressing in Paris in the late eighteenth century.

Today Venetian blinds are used in every room in a home and widely used as a practical and versatile window dressing for offices and work places. The louvers are connected together with lift cords, these are also used to drawn the blind up and down over the window’s glass. For safety the lift locks should always be working effectively. The ends of the ladder cords are fixed onto a rail at the bottom of the blind, the top ends are attached to the drive rod within the housing box. The louvers can be tilted at different angles which affords not only privacy but provides complete control over the amount of light entering a room. This operation is carried out by the ladder cords moving in opposite directions when the drive rod is rotated.

The pull and tilt cords can be potentially dangerous to children and vulnerable people, new innovations have changed these pulling cords and many Venetian blinds are now available with wand controls for greater safety. The very safest Venetian blinds are those without any pull cords, where the cords are replaced with a spring motor system, these blinds are operated by pushing or pulling on the bottom bar. This type of system is more typically seen on ‘mini blinds’. Mini blinds are made with slats which are narrower, approximately half the width of a conventional Venetian blind slat and there are more slats included to make up the size. In the United Kingdom mini-blinds are still referred to as Venetian blinds.

The blinds are made from aluminium or vinyl, real wood Venetian blinds are also available however, they are becoming increasingly known as wooden blinds rather than Venetian blinds. All of the materials used to make blinds are durable and easy to maintain and keep clean. Should a louver become accidentally damaged it is possible to replace just the damaged strip, making Venetian blinds an extremely cost effective and practical window dressing which will last for many years.

For a fashionable and trendy look metallic aluminium Venetian blinds offer a contemporary and modern look. They are available in both muted tones, including silver and gold effects, as well as bright, bold vibrant colours which are ideal for teaming with funky contemporary interior design styles.

For a more traditional look aluminium blinds in gentle colour tones and the ever popular metal effects provide a modern and clean line to a window. Vinyl blinds also come in a wide range of colours enabling them to be utilised in any style of room. Being easy to clean, Venetian blinds are a very popular choice for bathroom and kitchens, they are also resistant to humidity and moisture, affording a hygienic option to a window dressing. The use of Venetian blinds in a kitchen is ideal to reduce the risk of fire, more especially when a cooker is near to the window as there is no billing effect when the window is opened.


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