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Safety Tips for Thunderstorms and Tornados
These pages offer safety tips for tornados and thunderstorms. It says there are 2,000 storms on the earth's surface at any given time and lightening strikes the earth approximately 100 times a second. Safety tips are offered for learning to reduce your lightning risk through outdoor and home lightning safety. The best way to avoid lightning is not put yourself, family, and friends in danger in the first place. No one should be caught off guard by thunderstorms. Weather information is all around you. Know the lighting safety-warning program in your area, and use the 30/30 rule by counting seconds between lightning strikes. Staying away from water, open spaces and trees is also important, and safety tips for boaters and swimmers as well as hikers and golfers are included.

Home Security Checklist
This site by the Sacramento County, California Sheriff gives you an excellent checklist for securing your home, but most importantly, to make you aware of steps you can take to discourage a burglar from targeting your home in the first place. It is a literal checklist with Yes and No checkboxes. Every No checkbox is an item you should probably put down on a priority list to take some action. The checklist is divided into the following categories to make it easier for you to draw up a plan of action: Exterior Doors, Garage and Sliding Door, Protecting Windows, Outdoor Security, Security When Away from Home, and Outdoor Valuables and Personal Property. Taking Outdoor Security as an example, the items are: shrubs and bushes are trimmed to there's no place to hide; no dark areas around the house, garage or yard where prowlers can hide; every outside door has a bright working light to illuminate visitors; floodlights are used appropriates; lights are on in the evening whether someone is home or not and motion-sensitive lighting is installed; and finally, the house number is clearly displayed so police and emergency vehicles can quickly find you.

Dog and Puppy Obedience Training Basics
The website DogTrainingBasics.com s organized into the following sub-section: Puppy Training, Dog Training, Tips & Tricks, health & Safety, Videos, Classes, and Recommended. Each of them has a growing list of useful tips in raising puppies and dog training. New puppy owners will learn the important things they should do while raising their puppies, along with a puppy training checklist. Likewise, there are also guides on effective dog training and how pet owners should handle certain dog issues. Also included is a checklist on how to have a successful dog adoption, from choosing the right rescue dog to introducing it properly to the owner’s family.

Electrical Safety Foundation International
The Electrical Safety Foundation International mission is to reduce electrically related deaths and injuries through vigilant public education. The organizations sites provides home safety materials addressing such items as conducting an electrical safety audit of your home. The site includes articles and links concerning audio safety tips, home electrical safety tips, home electrical safety quiz, and a home safety question and answer page. Here are the facts: According to statistics from the National Fire Protection Association and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, between 1994 and 1998 there was an average of 406,700 residential fires per year, approximately 69,000, or 17%, of which were related to electrical distribution or appliances and equipment. Another 42,700, or 10.5 % were related to heating and air conditioning systems. These combined to cause an average of 860 deaths, 4,785 injuries and nearly $1.3 billion in property damage annually. Additionally, 170 of the 440 total accidental electrocutions in 1999 in the U.S. were related to consumer products in and around the home, and approximately 8,700 people were treated for electric shock injuries related to consumer products in the U.S. in 2000.

Discuss Safety Gates with UK Residents
This UK discussion board includes visitor comments about the reasons for installing a security gate and which local locksmiths are best.

Home Safety from the Alzheimer's Association
Keeping a home safe and secure when one or more of the people residing in the home suffer from Alzheimer's is a special challenge. There are several things you can do to help make a home more secure when you are caring for an Alzheimer's patient. Lock or disguise hazardous areas, use child proof locks around the house, especially in places where knives or cleaning supplies are kept. Bright light makes it difficult for an Alzheimer's sufferer to see well; cover mirrors and other bright surfaces, and use drapes and blinds to keep the amount of direct light down to a minimum. Monitor the temperature of hot water faucets and hot foods because an Alzheimer's sufferer may not be able to gauge temperature correctly. Supervise all medications and limit the use of certain objects such as sharp knives, grills, lawnmowers etc. Make a lot of empty spaces for safe wandering. Keep all firearms locked away securely. Keep a list of emergency numbers handy. There are many additional pieces of advice as well as the phone number for the National Alzheimer's Association for further information.

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