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Oriental Rug Collecting Today
Learn what to look for, and what to watch for in this article about Oriental rug collecting in Antiques & Fine Art Magazine. Today's new rug buyer has a difficult task. Faced with a dwindling supply of top examples and rising prices, the new collectorís need for good education and guidance is greater than ever. Luckily, with the many scholarly books written in the last thirty years, an excellent bimonthly publication from London (Hali magazine, which contains top-notch articles and illustrations pertaining to the scholarship of rugs and textiles, as well as good reporting on current events in the rug world), and a group of knowledgeable dealers and established collectors who are more than willing to share their knowledge, there is hope for the new buyer, according to the writer.

Persian Rug Design
FarsiNet, an Iranian Persian Global eCommunity for Farsi Speaking People, provides a list of Persian rugs designs from each region and links to some samples. The site includes hand-made antique and new Persian rugs..

New England Rug Society
The New England Rug Society is an informal organization of people interested in enriching their knowledge and appreciation of antique oriental rugs and ethnographic textiles. Founded in 1985 as the New Boston Rug Society, it has since grown to more than 170 members from throughout New England who share a common love of the traditional creative textile arts. NERS members gather six to eight times each year at informal meetings that usually feature an outside speaker and focus on a particular theme related to the rug field. All participants are encouraged to bring rugs and textiles to the meetings for discussion and comment. Meetings are held in various locations depending on the subject, including public meeting facilities, museums, local rug dealerships and auction houses, and other appropriate venues. Light refreshments accompany each gathering. Site includes rug resources, newsletter, links and meeting information.

Jacobsen's Guide to Oriental Rugs and Carpets
Provided by a rug merchant, this is an excellent top-line guide to oriental rugs from Afghanistan, the Caucasus, China, India, Nepal and Tibet, Pakistan, Turkey, and Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Provides links and information on how the rugs are made, how to select the correct size, and a lot of other tidbits such as how to tell if your rug is really silk.

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