Unclutter & Organize Your Home Space

4 Easy-to-Follow Steps to Declutter Your Home
Here, PassionateHomemaking.com editor Lindsay Edmonds shares her own set of simple steps on how to declutter your home. She starts by suggesting that it is very important that you clearly understand the purpose and that you should have the right mindset. Edmonds also provided some questions you should ask yourself as you declutter every room of your house. The third step covers the detailed decluttering steps, while the fourth and last step is about the right attitude to finish the task effectively. This includes being persistent, patient, and the ability to create a solid plan.

Organized Closets
Closet Queen offers help for cleaning out closets, kitchens, storage areas, garages, bedrooms, offices; Weeding through belongings and deciding what to throw out, providing organizational tips to help improve your lifestyle, closet design, planning, packing and unpacking for relocation, coordination with consignments shops to earn money from valuables no longer desired, and delivery to thrift stores for tax benefits. Closet organization photos depict bedroom reorganization, kitchen reorganization and bathroom reorganization by installing closets. Before and after pictures show stunning home changes.

The Lighter Side of De-Cluttering
Clutterbug offers a humorous, truthful look at the theme of clutter in homes and how to beat it. Articles include topics on paper clutter, junk drawer organization, holiday aftermath, New Year’s cleaning, clutter and grief, organizing kids rooms and getting rid of unneeded clutter. Christy Best is a professional organizer with tips and ideas about how to reduce clutter. Site also includes home organization book recommendations and a question and answer column with Best.

Forum About Closets and Home Organization
If you like forums, if you like discussing your problems and getting a wide spectrum of helpful advice, tips, and comments, then Do-It-Yourself.com's Form on Closets and Home Organization will appeal to you. Ask your own home organizing questions or read what others are asking and the help and advice they are given. Questions are constantly being added, of course, but a representative sample of the questions being discussed cover such topics as floating shelves, handicapped access, garage organization and laundry room chute doors. If you have a home organization question why not share it with others? You never know when someone who's "Been there, broken that," might be able to shed a new light on an old subject.

Organizing Your Home from P&G Everyday
The cleaning section on Procter & Gamble's monthly magazine P&G Everyday has numerous articles on home organization. Learn how to organize your files, or under the kitchen sink, among other things. Remove everything from the cabinet and put your cleaning supplies to the test. Get rid of anything you haven't used in awhile or is half-empty or damaged. Oftentimes the chemicals in cleaning solutions lose their potency, so there's no point keeping that 3-year-old bottle of cleanser. Once you reduce the number of cleaning supplies, keep only what you really need to store underneath the kitchen sink. You're the best judge when it comes to knowing what you need, and a checklist of items one should keep under the kitchen sink is included. Cleaning the space under the sink is key. Adding a lazy Susan, some plastic containers, over-the-door organizers and plastic shelves, as well as a tip out tray from your counter is also suggested.

For more resources to unclutter your home, see UnclutterMyHome.com

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