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There are many things to purchase before setting up a home office, such as computers, office equipment, extra phone lines, Internet access and furniture. However, other aspects of a working at home are also important: what home office items are tax-deductible and dealing with family interruptions in your home office, for instance. This page will point you in the right direction to discover if a home office is right for you. Also, you'll find information about managing telecommuters below. Site includes business plan basics, writing a business plan, using a business plan, small business financing, equity financing, finding capital, marketing basics, marketing research, competitive analysis, marketing plans, advertising and public relations, trade shows, e-marketing, signs and training employees.

UNIV Solutions Education Consulting
Are you looking for a firm that would help your college or university in terms of higher education accreditation, assessment, and innovation? UNIV Solutions offers all these and more. It is run by two principals, Dr. Powell and Dr. McClendon, who have decades of experience university leadership and various related fields. UNIV Solutions helps with accreditation and assessment. It also helps learning institutions gather and analyze data needed for various processes but most especially so for institutional decision-making and collaboration. The firm also offers help on strategic planning, such as institutional change, marketing solutions, and admissions trends that drive change.

Take Advantage of Bulk Mail Software and Shipping Discounts to Help Your Business Grow
Getting the word out about your business is an important activity. After all, how can you attract customers if they don't know you are ready to serve them. If you are planning to invest in bulk mailing software to help you prepare for a mailing program, be sure to check out this guide to saving on your shipping costs. Get the facts you need to determine if applying for a bulk mail permit, stamping each individual mailer, sorting them and taking them to a bulk mail center is worth the time involved. For the best price on bulk mail software for professional bulk mailings that are PAVE and CASS certified for postal discounts, see MailersMVP.

Auto Body Shop Secrets
Check out this informative site to learn about auto body shop practices that many consumers aren't familiar with. It includes a series of articles on various aspects of dealing with body shops on topics such as how body shops work, diminished value, what to do when an accident occurs and more. Visitors to the site will also find out whether they should retain a lawyer following a car accident and how one of these incidents impacts their insurance record. In the market for an auto body shop Los Angeles? See Westwood Auto Body on the west side at Westwood Blvd. north of Olympic. On Why You Should Buy Car Rental Insurance
When you rent cars, should you buy the insurance coverage the agency offers or is passing on this protection the better choice? Before you make up your mind, make a point of checking out this informative article in It sets out different scenarios that a person interested in renting a vehicle should consider before making a decision about whether adding agency insurance to a car rental is a good idea. For a great deal on a car rental Culver City, see Marathon Car Rental, an independent rental company with personal service. For an under-21 car rental in Los Angeles, see Rent A Wreck in West LA.

Small Business Guide and Resources
This small business guide includes a wealth of links for home office needs. Topics include starting your business, assessing whether self-employment is right for your, planning your business, business plans, financing your business, marketing your product, winning government contracts, setting up your home office and home office equipment, managing business finances, hiring employees, controlling your taxes, building your personal wealth, protecting your assets and getting out of your business should you wish to discontinue self-employment.

SOHO Design Doesn't Have to be Expensive
If you are looking to outfit your home office without breaking the bank, check out the suggestions offered in this informative article. Find out where you should focus the majority of your funds to get the most bang for your buck. Get tips for choosing a desk, filing cabinet, office chair and desktop computer. Ways to cut costs on computer software are provided.

Do's and Don'ts in Workspace Design
Tips on how to organize your home office workspace are offered on this website, which includes a do and don't list. Suggestions include arranging home office desks in an L-shape, purchasing quality chairs, grouping computer, phone, fax and mail bin into separate areas, putting in home office cabinets and cubbies, installing quality home office lighting, planning for portability with cordless phones and laptops, personalizing your home office, working on a home office budget and leaving room for home office growth. Telecommuters will enjoy the selection of tips.

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