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South Florida Real Estate News
This South Florida Real Estate News column rates Miami as of the hottest real estate investment markets for global tourists and celebrities. The many reasons behind Miami's success as a premier investment destination include the quality of local properties, the real estate price structure, lower taxes, Miami's financial powerbase, commercial growth, the development of art and culture, the growth of a fashion scene, entertainments, and the open beaches. Miami is also one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. with a thriving hub playing host to many corporate headquarters.

7 Steps to Owning Your Own Commercial Real Estate
A blog post on 42 Floors guides an investor on the seven essential steps of closing a commercial real estate deal. Although the post targets a beginner real estate investor, the provided guidelines can be used all commercial real estate investors. The steps described in this post are asking a lot of questions, learning some commercial real estate vocabulary, visiting and reviewing many properties, finding the experts in the field, working out your finances, consulting with the lawyer before making an offer, and practicing due diligence and escrow. These seven steps have explained in great details in the post.

Spain—Unlocking Europe's Hottest Hotel Market
Dated July 2015, this CBRE Report highlights that though the Spanish economy is now firmly grounded on a path of recovery and the bank interest rates are steadily rising, this country still provides ample opportunity for real estate investors seeking huge profits. The promising commercial real estate investment sector is hotel. The hotel industry is gradually becoming a lever for economic growth. The substantial growth of International tourists and global celebrity tourists is now opening up new opportunities in the commercial real estate market. The full paper discusses the expectations for future performance and investor returns in the key Spanish markets.

7 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Know Before Investing in Real Estate
This Entrepreneur magazine article makes a strong case for real estate as one of the most stable types of investments. Thes article notes that compared to stocks, real estate can withstand the ups and downs of a turbulent economy. So real estate will always remain a major driver on the demand side. Real estate typically appreciates in spite of economic upheavals. This article further offers useful tips on how to build a passive wealth from real estate investments. The seven tips explained in this article include planning financial goals, organizing the acquired information, looking at many properties, going ahead with the first investment, conducting a thorough financial analysis, buying property that the seller is not motivated to sell, and understanding the difference between real estate investing and the business of real estate.

An Overview of Why and How to Invest in Real Estate
This is an introductory guide to real estate for new investors, which may be used by beginner or experienced real estate investors to make logical decisions about property acquisitions through the studied approach. This article from The Balance includes such topics as what is real estate investing, using this investment option to generate rental income, real estate vs. stocks, real estate investments through REITs, different types of real estate investments, investing in home ownership, risks of real estate investing, and some final thoughts.

Hotel Investing Advice by a Hotel Lawyer
Though the global hospitality industry is slowly recovering from a historic depression, it still provides grand opportunities for the investors. The new investors in the market need to capture the distinctive nature of hotels as opposed to any other form of commercial real estate. Usually, the hotel buying and acquisition process involves intricate legal principles procedures. Hence, legal experts are required for closing any hotel related deal. The experienced legal counsel have the right expertise to guide investors on matters of operations, employees and labor relations, transient occupancy taxes, cash management accounts, franchise agreements, special hotel insurance, tax benefits in owning a hotel, liquor licensing, and intellectual property issues.

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