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Ken Meier is a computer programmer who has built this site to showcase his home projects. There is an account of his mission on the home page. He has pictures and articles which explain his roof, tree removal, deck, family/train room renovation, home theater, and porch projects. There are before and after pictures of these projects. He also has a list of recommended books, a guest book, and a place for donations.

Guidelines for Fire Pit Design: Patio or Garden?
Sitting around a fire pit is a wonderful way to spend time outdoors. Get tips for choosing the right location for your fire pit and enjoy this aspect of outdoor living. Discover why you need to consider the prevailing winds and then natural view on the property before installation. Armed with this valuable information, the decision of whether to add the fire pit to the patio area or place it in the garden becomes a much easier one to make.

When It Comes to Water Fountains, Start With a Beginners' Project
Not all projects involving water fountains are major undertakings. You can add a small water fountain to your outdoor space without having to hire a landscape designer to do it. After you have reviewed the material posted here, you will Stpknow what materials you need to shop for, what type of pump you should be looking for, and what kinds of optional pond supplies you may want to add to the mix. Step-by-step instructions are provided to take you from digging the hole straight through to turning the water on to see your fountain at work. Be sure to check out the link to home safety tips provided here, as well.

HammerZone.com - Start Here for Home Improvement
This site provides instuctions and tips on projects including electrical, plumbing, kitchen, bath, carpentry, windows, drywall, decks, roofing, and more. Links to project archives provide pictures and diagrams, as well as step by step instructions for those who want to do it yourself. Also, a massive links page provides links to manufacturers, materials, and other home improvement sites.

eHow Presents Articles About Folding Workbenches and Mobile Workbenches and More
Content network eHow has a number of articles about workbenches. Discover what you need to know about building a moveable workbench, a specialized jeweler's bench, and how to build a closet workbench. You will also find articles on folding workbenches, how to turn a recycled door into a workbench, and what you need to know before building a garage workbench. The basics of how to use a workbench are also covered in this collection of online resources.

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Home Improvement with Blinds:

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  • Multipurpose Venetian Blinds

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    Control Your Energy Costs By Creating Shade

    Need Help Finding a Qualified Contractor?

    Expand Your Living Space This Spring

    Find Professional Contractors for Your Bathroom Remodel

    Retractable Awnings Protect and Extend Summer Fun

    Tips for Hiring a Painting Contractor

    Tips to Finding a Contractor for Window Replacement

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