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How to Buy and Maintain Your Chiminea
Not only can you find out what a chiminea is and where this type of outdoor fireplace originated, you will also get helpful information about what can be burned in one and how to use it so that you will be able to enjoy the convenience and warmth that comes with owning one for years to come. Tips for dealing with cracks in the chiminea are provided.

Add an Indoor Floor Fountain to Your Garden Room and Create Your Own Endless Summer
Perhaps garden room is a bit of a misnomer; you don't have to actually turn an entire room into a garden to achieve this effecf. All you need to do is designate a portion of your living room, dining room, a guest room, or a sunroom as your garden room. Add color to the walls that remind you of the wonders of nature, a floor fountain, and some green plants to bring the outdoors in. What garden room would be complete without a pleasant scent? Use scented oils to remind you of the wonderful fragrances that the warmer weather brings.

Show Off Your Beautiful Home at Our Beautiful Home.com
Our Beautiful Home.com is a place where you can share photos, ideas, and thoughts about your home or your remodeling projects with the rest of the world. Here is how Our Beautiful Home describes itself: "Our Beautiful Home is a place to exchange ideas via written accounts and images on what a home means. Visitors can post questions on our forum seeking advice from those who are professionals as well as from those who've 'been there, broke that'. We provide links to sites that anyone will find useful; designers, architects, contractors, real estate agencies, building suppliers, etc. Take a walk through Our Beautiful Home to see what the world is doing with their homes - we have nearly every type of home represented - from the New England colonials, to castles in Scotland, lofts in New York City to yurts in Spain." Whether you want to submit plans, sketches, or photos of your own home, or whether you just want to see how other people from all over the world are handling their design and building concepts, Our Beautiful Home.com will provide you with the means. Another great feature of this site is the forum, where you can share ideas and ask questions (and provide answers) with other Do-It-Yourselfers from all over the world. If you need to find a skilled and qualified contractor to help you achieve your dreams, then this is the perfect place to visit.

Three Do-It-Yourself Projects That Anyone Can Tackle
Dr. Simon White is a dentist living in Birmingham, England. A few years ago he purchased an older brick home and on this site he shares his remodeling triumphs and even his temporary defeats. Dr. White is just an average guy, with no special building skills, so the descriptions of every step of his three renovation projects are a true eye-opener and will give hope to any would-be do-it-yourselfer. After all, if a dentist from Birmingham can do, then anyone can. The three projects Dr. White undertook were putting in a bay window, putting in a new front porch, and putting in a fireplace. The steps taken in each of the three projects are fully described along with tools and materials needed. For such a simple site there is a great deal of useful information.

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