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For the United States and Canada, PreservationDirectory.com is the online resource for historic preservation, building restoration, and cultural resourcemanagement. It provides links to the best industry Web sites and historical product and service providers are provided along with listings of historical societies, associations and government agencies. Features of the site include for-sale home plans of various traditional style homes, postings of historic homes, a video library, historic photo galleries, a preservation bookstores, a FAQs section, and much more. Articles include stories of successful historical home rescues and tips for restoring old homes. Visitors are encouraged to submit their own historic home preservation stories for posting.

Ask the Builder Provides Helpful Tips on Roofing Repair
Tim Carter of Ask the Builder provides helpful roofing repair advice to consumers. He explains why even small leaks in a roof need to be dealt with promptly to avoid further damage. He also describes circumstances where a homeowner may want to attempt a roof repair him or herself without involving a professional. Along with this information, visitors to the site will also find tips for homeowners who want to do the roofing repair work personally.

DIY and Home Improvement - Guides and Information
This extensive do it yourself site features a DIY Encylopaedia and Home Improvement guide including plumbing, decorating, diy building, electrics, flooring, roofing, insulation, woodwork, windows and doors, guttering and stain removal, everything and anything related to diy. Also do it yourself forums and a section on finding local experts and suppliers.

How to Build an Outdoor Fire Pit
Gas fire pits are an option for some homeowners, but a model that burns wood or charcoal adds an air of drama to your outdoor living space. Materials and tools needed for the project are listed here, along with instructions for drawing the circle and digging the pit. Filling the pit with gravel and marking the circle for the retaining wall come next in the process. Learn how to stack the first row of retaining wall units and add the adhesive to keep the blocks in place. General installation tips are also provided here.

DIY Network
This is a huge site, very professionally laid out, with detailed plans, helpful hints, and materials lists for dozens of home remodeling projects—and more. Here you'll find detailed plans and helpful hints on everything from tips for savings money when you remodel, to inexpensive decorating tips, even ways to spice up everything from the kitchen and the bathroom to the family room for under $500. If you find the idea of remodeling too overwhelming, this site even has a wonderful article on 2-hour renovations—ways to break projects down into manageable bites so they don't seem so daunting. They even have articles for the brand new Do-It-Yourselfer to help you get started—and survive the experience. No matter what your level of experience, this site has helpful advice on how to get started on a project, how to estimate costs, how to hire and work with contractors, how to get financing, and, possibly most importantly, this site tells you how to maintain your sanity in the midst of insane chaos.

Home Improvement Tutorials
This index page provides the links to all the tutorials on the Easy2diy.com site. How to do it yourself tutorials provide step by step instructions on topics that include appliances, attics and basements, electrical, exteriors, plumbing, yard and garden. Pages with links to resources and manufacturers are also included. Many of the tutorials also have multimedia animation and video.

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