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Why Do We Play Foosball?
This site begins with a reminiscence article discussing foosball from a very personal perspective. If you're deeply into the game of foosball, if it is something that is more than just an occasional diversion for you, then you should find this personal reminiscence of great interest. Additional, however, this site delves much more deeply into the game of foosball, covering such topics as tactics, game results, a whole slew of helpful tips and hints for playing the finer points of foosball that I doubt you'll find anywhere else. There are also player profiles, photos, lists of tournaments, and even a section on Foosball Anonymous for those who take their game perhaps just a tad too seriously. There are also links to sites where you can buy foosball tables and other foosball equipment.

Ping Pong History
Table Tennis likely began as a social hobby in England toward the end of the 1800's. Dining-room tables and balls of cork made up some of the early equipment that was used. These early pioneers may have referred to their sport as gossima, flim-flam, or ping-pong. Around the turn of the century, the game underwent a few changes in England. One person introduced a celluloid ball to the game, while another added pimpled rubber to the wooden paddle. Website includes ping pong and table tennis tips and a message board.
Texas air hockey website features the latest information about air hockey, including air hockey news, air hockey rules, air hockey tournaments, air hockey leagues, air hockey locations, links, Texas rankings in air hockey, USAA rankings, member pages, polls, stance and grip, tables parts, controlling the puck, forums, air hockey player profiles, air hockey photos, downloads and more. Most tournaments are double-elimination, and the bigger tournaments have "Spinoff tournaments." What that means is that if you get eliminated from the main tournament, you then compete in a tournament bracket with all of the other players that got eliminated at the same time as you did. This serves two purposes- the players get more match play for their money against players of roughly the same skill level, and it helps to determine the overall ranking of players who "tie" because of where they finished in the main tournament. In local tournaments (also called "Weeklies"), there aren't Spinoffs, but there are always practice games that are played before and after the tournament, allowing players to hone in their skill and get warmed up for the tournament. Weeklies usually last 3 to 4 hours, and are a way for newcomers to get to know the Air Hockey veterans.

Billiards Digest
This is the online site for Billiards Digest, a glossy full-color monthly print magazine that covers every single aspect of billiards on a worldwide basis. Similar to the best hobbyist magazines, it has great insructional columns, many written by scome of the top names in the profession, e.g, Mike Sigel, Nick Varner. The publication covers both the amateur and professional levels. In addition to instruction, it covers industry news, history and culture, and provides in-depth personality profiles. It covers tournaments and provides an event calendar. It even tells you what pool and billards events are on TV (when they are).

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