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This is an extensive site from on how to repair and install items in your bathroom, from top to bottom, or simply how to replace a single fixture. Some of the topics covered in depth for the do-it-yourselfer are how to install a tub, bathroom cleaning tips, a bathroom planning checklist, How to install a bathroom drain waste vent system, how to install a bathroom sink, how to install a shower/bathtub, how to install a toilet, how to install a water supply system, how to replace a showerhead, how to repair cracks in fiberglass showers and tubs, how to make a bathroom fit for a wheelchair, how to choose the right shower door, how to remodel your bathroom for under $50, how to make the bathroom safe for children, how to build a bathtub enclosure, how to install a whirlpool bath, and a lot more. Each article is detailed and complete with all the information a do-it-yourselfer will need.

Make Bathroom Remodeling Hints Your First Stop Before You Start Your Bathroom Construction Project
Before you start your bathroom construction project, make a point of checking out Bathroom Remodeling Hints. A list of questions you should ask yourself to get an idea of where to begin is provided. In addition, an extensive collection of articles is has been posted. Whether you are interested in learning more about vanities, sinks, toilets, flooring options (vinyl, laminate, marble, tile), bathtubs, or medicine cabinets, you will find helpful information, as well as beautiful images.

Bathroom Remodeling Planning Guide on
This article at offers you this comprehensive planning guide when it comes to bathroom remodeling. The two key points mentioned here are the current estimated cost to remodel a bathroom according to the Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and how to make your own budget plan. The NKBA was quoted recommending that 20% of your budget should be allotted for installation, 16% for cabinetry and hardware, and 15% for fixtures. You should also consider as to how will the bathroom be used, storage location, and safety measures such as proper ventilation and non-slip flooring. There are also valuable tips from notable certified kitchen designers such as Nanae Nakahara and Julie Williams.

Some Fundamental Bathroom Renovation Tips
The Home Renovations section of has an article outline eleven very basic but fundamentally sound tips for a bathroom renovation. To name a handful: consider mirrors a design element and add a second one in addition to the primary; position the toilet 90 degrees to the door or at least several feet away from it, rather than directly facing the door; install a beadboard for an antique look but also to protect the walls from water splashes; create more places to hang things by installing hooks, therefore freeing up counter space; if space permits, put in a decorative freestanding piece such as a decorative chair, and possibly recess other pieces like the clothes hamper; get a light dimmer to create a soft feeling when you're in the mood for a relaxing bath; and try to use neutal colors like white or cream ooon walls and key fixtures, so that the bathroom looks larger and is not so quickly outdated from a design perspective.

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